Hi, wgss students!

I’m your writing tutor, kate, and I’m glad you’re here.

This website is your gateway to:

  • schedule tutoring appointments
    • Spring 2019 Hours: Tues. 11am-1pm & Thurs. 10:30am-12:30pm (note change in Thursday hours) in person; Fri. 10am-12pm online; plus, an extended 3 hour group writing session once per month.

  • access resources and blog posts on writing
  • keep up to date on special events or updated hours/schedule 


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-New Blog Post: Tips for Revision

New Event:

-Come visit Anne Moore, special collections librarian and LGBTQ library liaison! Her office hours Thursday, April 11: 11:00 – 12:00 in room W405 South College

New Blog Post: Avoid the Planning Fallacy

See below for Group Writing Session:
Friday 2/1, 1-3:30pm in W465

-New Blog Post: Three Ways to Use Lists

-New Blog Post: How to Schedule

New Blog Post: Monotasking vs. Task Switching

-New Blog Post: One-Inch Picture Frame

-Extra office hours added:  Friday 9/21 11am-1pm

New Blog Post: Building Writing Habits

-New Blog Post: Mind & Concept Mapping

-Resources Page is Live!

how can i help you?

I am particularly interested in helping you learn how to adapt general tools to fit your individual assignments, interests, and goals. Our tutoring session will be rooted in your individual short-term (i.e., assignment) and/or long-term (i.e., improving a particular skill) goals, and you will leave with a practical, individualized plan to continue writing or revising after our session. 

Some of the things I can assist you with include:


  • the research process: locating, synthesizing, and citing sources
  • the drafting process: brainstorming, structure, revision plans, copy-editing, etc.
  • professionalization: cover letters, resumes and CVs, applications, etc.
  • overcoming writing anxiety and imposter syndrome
  • grammar, sentence structure, transitions, punctuation, etc.
  • developing an individualized writing plan that is based in your strengths and goals
  • and more! Just ask!

For WGSS Graduate Students

Working on your final project for the Graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies? Want some help with brainstorming, drafting, revising, outlining, or making a research plan? I have a special interest in planning tools, such as concept mapping, and in time management and habit formation, and would be more than happy to work with you to develop an individual writing plan that works for you!


Why Are Sessions Limited to 45 Minutes?

In my experience as a tutor at both the University of Pittsburgh Writing Center and the UMass Writing Center, ideal tutoring sessions span no more than 45 minutes. Limiting sessions to 45 minutes will provide us with adequate time to actively engage with a few of your writing or revision goals in a session, and it can help prevent the overwhelm that comes with learning too many new tools or skills in one go. 

have a question?
email wgsswritingtutor@gmail.com
or swing by during office hours!